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Oregano White Balsamic

Oregano White Balsamic

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Tart, Bright Taste of the Mediterranean

With its acidity magnifying its rich tinge of oregano, this tart white balsamic is more traditional than some of the other flavored whites, and makes the perfect base for many a meal, especially Italian and other Mediterranean dishes.
Perfect to enhance flavors in pastas and sauces, marinades, Greek salads, grilled vegetables, cheeses and superb vinaigrettes. Perfect pairing olive oils like Lemon or Basil enhance flavors in pastas and sauces, meat marinades, Greek salads, grilled vegetables, and feta and goat cheeses. Also pair with Wild Mushroom and Sage for your favorite dish. Tuna Wraps

Maine-ly Drizzle staff enjoys putting together and providing our customers with easy to follow recipes that use our products. Click on the link below for the recipes that use this product. Bon Appetite. If you would like to share a recipe with us, please use the "contact us" button. We would appreciate hearing from you! You will also find all of our recipes from the main menu "Using Oil & Vinegars-Recipes" link.
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