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Handmade Olive Oil & Vinegar Cruets

Handmade Olive Oil & Vinegar Cruets

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The rustic and earthy style of Dock 6 Pottery is at home in kitchens from traditional to modern. Dimpled sides make for a comfortable and secure grip, and the stainless-steel spout comes with a rubber gasket to prevent leaks.

Kerry Brooks has been a potter since 1988, learning her craft in Ann Arbor, Michigan. By 1995, pottery had become her full-time career, and Dock 6 Pottery now includes a gallery, classroom, and 9,000 square foot production studio in Minneapolis. Her best-known designs are accented with fused glass, creating the look of natural geodes. The vibe is rustic and dynamic, so the pottery you receive will vary from the samples shown in the photos. We hope you'll appreciate the spontaneity and individuality of each piece.

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