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3 Honey Tea Flavor Assortment Gift Set

3 Honey Tea Flavor Assortment Gift Set

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Can’t decide which honey tea you want? You don’t have to! We’ll send you our three best sellers. Our sample pack comes wrapped in a biodegradable bag, includes a honey dipper and is topped with a bow. It also makes a thoughtful gift — even if it’s a gift to yourself.

Honey Tea Flavor Options

Ingredients vary by flavor.

3 ounce Nocturnal Nectar – Calm evening comfort

3 ounce Bee-ing Better – Sweet and gingery

3 ounce Qi Chai – A taste of India

3 ounce Blue Moon – Blueberry & Lavender blast

3 ounce Tulsi Tea – Calm and relaxed

3 ounce Radiant Rose – Vitamin C enrichment

3 ounce Enlighten Mint – Refresh your mind

3 ounce New Sunrise – Infused with turmeric and coconut


For the perfect cup, simply add Zen Bear Honey Tea to a cup of hot or cold water and stir. Let the drink rest for a moment to fully infuse the herbs, spices and honey. Stir again and enjoy!

About Zen Bear

Zen Bear is a family-owned business, located in the beautiful state of Maine. All of our honey teas and honey cocoa products are gluten-free and made with the finest  ingredients.

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